All About Mountain Bike Shorts and More

So you started mountain biking and want to increase your distance and time … but your normal activity gear is simply not working. It’s time to look at mountain biking gear – specifically mountain bike shorts. What are they? Mountain bike shorts are apparel particularly made to offer protection and comfort for the rider.

Mountain bike shorts are created with unique padding and come in different weights (6 – or eight ounces). The padding is tactically sewn into the shorts to protect the quadriceps, hips, and tailbone in the event of a fall or crash. One more significant distinction in the design of the shorts is the failing to see joint where you sit. The joint is changed with cushioned product to increase convenience and security while riding. The overall design is meant to decrease tenderness and rise security during rides.

Conventional biking shorts (the tight Lycra shorts) are still accessible, but the design of mountain bike shorts has actually advanced. Gone are the days of dropping design for convenience and security.

These shorts are accessible in looser and even more hip designs. Some significant sophisticated styles include cargo-style, casual knee-length, and traditional form-fitting shorts.

Mountain bike shorts are available for as little as $20 for a low end model and may only last one or two seasons. The average pair, with six- or eight-panel construction, may range from $50 to $80. High end shorts may run upward of $100. But keep in mind – you get what you pay for. If you don’t mind replacing the shorts after a couple seasons, the less expensive pair will work. But if you plan on frequent long-term use, spending the extra money may be worthwhile.

Where can you buy mountain bike shorts? They are accessible almost all over any place that mountain bikes are sold, in sporting goods shops, department stores, or through online merchants. Chain store normally supply bottom prices, but specialized shops (sporting products stores or bike stores) deliver a larger range and price array.

Before acquiring a pair of mountain bike shorts, you must recognize the perfect fit and feel. The elastic ought to not be too tight and give way without being too loose. They must not ride up or squeeze your abdomen too securely. The legs ought to fit and somewhat cling to your thighs, but pick a looser fit because muscles usually tend to swell during workout.

Mountain bike shorts are an essential accessory, providing the cyclist with remarkable convenience and protection on nearly any terrain. Prior to buying a pair of these shorts, the biker ought to decide what design, level of quality, and rate range they is searching for. This will ensure all needs have been addressed and minimize over spending.

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Sports Camera Users Device Innovative Low Cost Camera Mounts

The advancement in the quality of mini-digital video cameras has caused sports fanatics to seek new methods to mount these cameras to various kinds of helmets and sports gear to catch the action and movement of their sporting events.

Part of the fun is determining how to get the camera near the action. Many use helmet mounted cameras because it gives the impression of watching the video from the perspective of the participant. The head stays still while the action takes place around the person, and the perspective is from first person, or the one who is actually doing the event.

On bikes, there are two most desired mounting possibilities. The first is forward-looking from the handle bars. Usually the video camera is placed on one side, or below the handle bars which gives a view underneath the normal field view which a rider would normally experience. The other mounting position is backward-facing, in the direction of the rider.

This gives the viewer the perspective of being directly in front of the bicycler and the fast motion of objects as they disappear behind the bicycle. Many have tried to improvise a camera mounted on a kayak. Usually there is a mounting service on the rear of the kayak that allows the attaching of screws without damaging the surface.

From there, one can devise a number of different mounting poles and contraptions. The preferred view is about two feet above the surface of the kayak. This allows the viewer to see beyond the person in the vehicle, and look to the river beyond.

The secret of the video camera mount is to affix the video camera in such a way that it does not vibrate with the movement of the boat. Several have tried to cushion the mount with rubberized couplings, however the rigid mounts essentially tend to shake less than those using the rubber fittings.

Skiers have experimented with helmet mounts for their cameras, as well as goggle-mounts and chest straps. The least effective are the goggle-mounts, as the goggle strap, itself, tends to be loose and can be the source of vibration.

The helmet mount provides a strong solution to fasten the digital camera to the skier, but sometimes the short head movements make the video jerky. The torso mounted camera is the best method to shoot skiing action. The chest tends to remain motionless as the skier’s body moves down the hill, and the view of the arms in front of the skier gives just enough framing to help make the audience really sense that they are going down the hill.

Video camera users continue to experiment with ways of getting their mini-digital, high definition video cameras near to the sporting action. Part of the sporting fun is capturing the experience and showing it right after the event has taken place.

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Mountain Biking Etiquette: Don’t break the rules!

Mountain biking is an activity that is shared by many nature lovers and adventure hunters all over the globe. It has actually come to be a very preferred sport and has recently seen an increase in appeal with competitions such as the X games. The sport has continued to evolve into an extremely competitive and remarkably highly enhanced activity. A couple of the bikes that are being created today utilize near space-age components in their design and building. These array from sturdy and highly heavy duty carbon fiber to ceramic brakes and special compound tires. There are many different categories of mountain biking which can easily see the rider taking advantage of dirt jumps, riding cross country, or even frequenting trails. This is a sport calls for individuals to have core strength in addition to having excellent balance. Make no error about it, mountain biking calls for lots of endurance and some of the advanced trails call for a high effectiveness in bike managing ability. With these difficulties it is no wonder that lots of lovers flock to this recreational activity year after year.

Mountain biking can easily be exceptionally challenging especially for those individuals that choose to adventure off road on trails with forests and wooded areas. While looking for trails for your mountain biking experience is crucial to comprehend that many of these locations have actually a set requirement for courtesy. While some places may have more particular do’s and do n’ts, there are typical ideas that are shared at every place. These motifs include recognition, appropriate communication, reduced effect and correct yielding. When riding on trails it is very important to understand that you are not the only individual who will certainly be frequenting the location.

Experiencing additional riders or hikers is an offered and it is very important to show recognition as it will avoid dangerous circumstances from taking place. This makes the trail riding experience more enjoyable for everyone. Appropriate communication is as straightforward as it appears. Typically times additional riders and hikers may not be conscious of your presence. Consistently attempt to make your presence understood as opposed to sneaking up on oblivious riders and hikers. This act assists protect against accidents and keeps everyone conscious of potential hazards. The last thing you desire to do is startle a person and have them run in front of the road of your bicycle.

Being reduced influence suggests that you concentrate on sticking to the trail and you do not seek to damages or tread on any type of delicate nature locations. Some parks and recreational locations have rigorous regulations concerning sticking to the trail. Lastly, correct yielding is positively essential in conjunction with communication. In very trafficked areas it’s very important to keep an intense understanding of your environment. Bicyclists should attempt to yield to non-motorized trail individuals unless specifically riding on a designated bike area. Also still it is important to exercise good judgment and understand when to be well-mannered and let others pass.

Whatever kind of mountain biking you enjoy it’s central to comprehend the rules guidelines that put on all trail riding activities. Mountain biking is a superb means to soothe stress, delighting in nature and create camaraderie with friends as you tackle the outdoors. As constantly, make certain that you’re wearing proper attire for your mountain biking adventure and never trail ride without a helmet.

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5 Mountain Biking Gear Essentials

Mountain Biking is a great outdoor activity. It keeps you in shape while enjoying nature. However, when you ride your bike on the exciting trails, there are a few things that you will have to bring with you to keep your ride as stress-less as possible.

Helmet – This is one of the most necessary accesories to have while going riding your bike. Safety is the top priority when it comes to defending your person from injury. Through the years many individuals have definitely been injured, and the accidents might not have been as bad if they wore their helmet. If you fret regarding your look with a helmet on then fret even more about being in the medical center due to an accident. Helmets come in really neat colors as well as designs. The Bontrager Quantum Helmet is a really light fitting helmet that is excellent for going without the weight of a helmet on your neck and shoulders.

Trail Repair Kit – Don’t leave your property without it. What will you do if something fails and also no one is around to help you? You will need to help on your own. Bring the set to avoid a frustration from occurring because you have no support from anybody else.

Water – One thing you want to avoid is dehydration. Hallucinations may occur, as well as you might pass out due to lack of fluids in your body. Keeping a multiple-use water bottle or several water container in your booksack, right along with your trail repair kit, is not an option while biking in the sun.

Gloves – There is absolutely nothing like looking good on your mountain bike in those scorching days. Wearing the gloves will definitely keep you remarkably comfy while you are going you bike. Whenever your hands grasp the handlebars tightly, the gloves will certainly keep your hands from damage afterwards. The Alpinestars Gravity Gloves is just one of the best brands for mountain bike gloves. They are remarkably light-weight as well as fit on your hands remarkably perfectly. No extra material and they won’t fall off.

Shorts-When you go on them long trips and something begins to hurt under you, biking shorts will help stop your rear-end from hurting. They are very light so there is not any to no weight on your legs as you peddle. Bellwether Escape Baggy Shorts are very comfortable and has a lot of storage place to put the things you need to grab quickly.

Shoes-Nothing is ever more painful than your feet after a long day of wearing the wrong type of shoes. Wearing comfortable biking shoes will make a difference between sores or no sores on your feet. Those shoes are made especially for this kind of sport. The shoes I would pick are the Diadora Chili Sport Shoes. The may be a bit pricey, but they are very durable and comfortable for those rides.

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5 Awesome Mountain Bike Shorts For Men

The helmet, the gloves, the glasses and the water bottle are all very important when you want to go biking. But the day after you have finished your biking excursion, your butt may not be very comfortable unless you’ve put on the appropriated mountain bike shorts for men. In fact, this can be argued as one of the most important accessories for biking.

There are a number of options that you can choose from depending on the kind of life style you have. The following are the top five. The list is based on popularity and volumes of sales.

MTB padded. I place this as number one because they are made by aero tech designs. This is a company that has a good reputation in athletic wear since it always comes up with comfortable wear for the athletes. The MTB padded short is one of their best brands. The short comes with four pads that are supposed to enhance the comfort of the rider.

Oakley Ballistic. The awesome thing about Oakley capri pants is the fact that are available many different color choices. Meaning that you could actually where these every time with whatever jersey you own. It is also wise to look really good no matter what you’re doing. The good news is, there’s also a chamois that assist in the absorption of sweat.

Pearl Iszumi PRO. This is probably the best in terms of quality mountain bike shorts in existence. This is mainly because of the fact that it is made out of memory fabric and the seams are made in a manner that comfortably dispose the fullness convenience. It also has a wonderful chamois that helps in the absorption of sweat. The chamois is produced in a manner which permits for easy airing which means that drying is much faster.

North Face slick rock. If you are on the kind of ride that requires you to bring any kind of nick-knacks, then you should go with these. The pockets are versatile and can hold anything you can think of bringing with you. They don’t have a chamois because the fit is loose enough to allow aeration without it.

Fox campus. This is another good short for biking. Not only is it not too restricting, but it is also made from a very light fabric. This gives the rider a sense of freedom and a lot of comfort as he continues to bike down the street. These fox short wear usually come in three different colors too.

When choosing the best mountain bike shorts for men there are some things to consider. Your biking habits are very important in making selecting a good wear. You should also consider comfort and cost.

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Learning More About Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a great way to explore the outdoors, stay in shape, or just have fun. Racing down the side of a mountain is a lot of fun indeed, although it can also be quite dangerous. The entire family can enjoy it as long as you ride with caution.

Mountain biking and its different styles Mountain biking can best be characterized into three different styles – downhill, free riding, and cross country. Each style requires different skills although the styles itself are similar in some ways. Whatever style you pick will determine the type of bike that you’ll get.

Where to go if you want to ride For this sport, it’s best to bike on surfaces that are unpaved. Throughout North America, there are locations specifically designed for mountain biking. Before you decide to go down a trail, you should always check with your local park to get the routes, regulations, and any rules that they may have.

Also, you can find competitions and groups that have mountain bike rides. You can look on the internet or even in a local paper and see exactly what’s available in your area. You may be able to find groups for the more advanced riders as well as beginners.

To be a great biker To become a great mountain biker, endurance and stamina are important. If you want to succeed, you need ambition, practice, and conquer the course. Like all other sports, it takes time and practice. Those just beginning will have to get past the bumps and bruises from falling off the bike.

Selecting your mountain bike Selecting a bike is a personal choice and a determining factor on what type of riding you’ll be doing. Bikes come in all styles, shapes, and prices, which will make selecting one for yourself very difficult indeed.

To help you shop for a bike, go online and do some price comparisons before making a purchase. Try out the bike first before you buy it. To be a great mountain biker, you need to become one with your bike. Check for comfort, how it fits, and how it’s geared when you buy a bike.

Staying safe when riding As mentioned earlier, riding on an unpaved surface is dangerous. That’s why you should wear a helmet, knee and elbow pad whenever you ride. Goggles should be worn when you’re following a group or riding in the woods. Safety should be your top priority and never taken lightly anytime you are mountain biking.

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Get Started Cross Country Mountain Biking

You have free riding, downhill riding, and then you have cross country mountain biking. Cross country biking means there’s it’s just you and your bike going uphill, downhill, wherever your legs will take you. It is cross country at it’s best. It’s all up to you to get to the top of the mountain, and to get down it. This is mountain biking in it’s purest.

Cross country mountain bikers have different needs than other mountain bikers. Because they are more geared toward speed and efficiency, it is obvious why the bikes they use are different. A cross country mountain bike is geared more toward speed, because that is what cross country riders are generally after.

There are a few different styles of cross country mountain bikes to choose from. There’s full suspension which has shocks on both wheels, hardtail (shocks on just the front wheel), or a fully rigid frame (no shocks on either wheels). Full suspension bikes are often more expensive than the others. Many are choosing full suspension bikes because of shock absorb-ability.

Because cross country mountain bikers ride all over the place, including uphill and downhill, and often ride great distances, their bikes are usually lighter than free ride bikes. Their bikes are most often under 24 lbs. Free ride bikes can weigh nearly 40 lbs, which is a huge difference when comparing the two.

This recreational activity is also an Olympic sport. It offers an excellent, fun way to get exercise, and it can be as challenging, or as easy as you want, as there are trails of all sorts. There are also competitions that may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours to finish.

Many people regularly enjoy this activity. It isn’t as intense as downhill or free riding as the terrain ranges from easy to moderate. It is a great hobby to take up as it provides a fun way to get exercise and challenge yourself.

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Mountain Biking Shorts For Women

Khyber shorts are made by Race Face. Race Face makes these shorts for mountain biking. These mountain biking shorts are for mountain biking. They are also available in many colors. The Kyber shorts from Race Face are available in the colors of blue and grey, and will soon be available in green for 2012. All of the Race Face shorts feature zippers.

The fabric from the mtb shorts are colored to complement the colour from the matching jersey. All the mounatin bike shorts from Race Face feature many pockets with zippered closures. The Khyber shorts are constructed of strong material for added strength.

Race Face Khyber shorts are round and they are designed for use on a mountain bike and are designed especially for mountain biking. They are excellent for mountain biking because they are high performance sports clothing. These shorts from Race Face is excellent for trail rides, and is also strong enough for hard core down hill MTB action. These shorts are great for dirt jumping as well. The wide selection of colors available means that there is a pair of shorts that will match your bike perfectly.

Technical Top features of the Khyber shorts- Tweedster Fabric 8,000mm; 3,000g/m2. 70% Polyester, 26% Rayon, 4% Spandex, yarn-dyed textured fabric bonded to 100% Polyester durable mesh interior, DWR (durable water proof) treated.

Zippered front fly with dual snap closure and rubber grab tab, asymmetrical zippered hand pockets, zippered cargo and rear pockets, inner waistband adjustment system, soft brushed inner waistband, seamless Crotch Gusset, zippered thigh vents, double reinforced seams throughout, loop & snap system integrates with Race Face liner.

Obtaining the right shorts will make your biking experience greater plus more rewarding. It is usually step to get shorts for well and enable freedome to move. Before choosing your biking shorts make sure you investigate quality brands on the market. Above all to expect style, comfort.

Mika Rodriguez is a female professional mountain biker, currently
residing Portland, Oregon and regularly wears the Khyber shorts from Race Face
on her mountain bike.

Neck Gear For Mountain Bike Riders

DBX Comp II neck protection by Leatt is the bike neck brace with excellent fit thanks to its shallow profile and adjustable back and front areas. Fibreglass reinforced polyamide construction and unobtrusive Biofoam cushioning with TPR logos combines excellent safety with great looks!

Made for BMX, Moto and DH biking, the Leatt Brace DBX neck protection is important safety gear that features Leatt’s patented Alternative Load Path Technology (ALPT). Here is the step to the safety with the Leatt-Brace. This innovation helps send the force of your impact out of the head so helping inside the transferring of your energy out of the vulnerable neck for the stronger chest muscles and shoulder area.

Technical features- The Leatt DBX Comp includes a low-profile shape designed specifically to satisfy the particular range-of-motion needs of cyclists. The brace is made from fiberglass reinforced polyamide resin, whereby microscopic sand are infused in to the plastic to improve its bond-strength. This will make for any controlled, stronger brace, without compromising the wearer’s safety. Song from the brace are made of carbon-fiber that’s reinforced with Kevlar. This can help avoid the parts from shattering and sharp edges to protrude.

At the back of the brace, fitting firmly on the muscles surrounding the spine, sits an engineered thoracic member that helps keep the brace in position during an impact. This strut is designed to snap off at a certain force (roughly, one third of the force it takes to injure the spine). The rear-upper support acts as a crumple-zone, giving way under a severe load in certain circumstances.

An original cut-out section helps to ensure the brace and helmet avoids experience of the collarbone. Rounding off of the construction with the brace is shock-absorbing Bio-foam. Biomechanically built to help cushion the chin and support the brace material in a accident.

Jen Vaughn is a female mountain biker
and moto-crosser from Los Angeles, California, and she wears her Leatt brace
every time she rides.

The best gadgets for mountain bikers

Mountain biking is a great way to explore new landscapes and stay fit while having heaps of fun. Once you’ve got a great bike, a helmet, and any other safety equipment you might want there are a few other things a mountain biker might want to take on a ride. These are just few essential gadgets for mountain bikers.

A video camera. Not just any video camera though, one that attaches to your helmet. If you’re on a budget the picture quality won’t be great, but you’ll still enjoy watching yourself speed past other mountain bikers. If you want to really enjoy the scenery a HD camera is worth the investment however. And because you won’t have to worry about making a last minute turn to avoid the upcoming tree you’ll really be able to appreciate the view, making this gadget more than worth the money.

If you have the perfect tune in mind for mountain biking you’ve probably stopped short of loading it onto your iPod and popping in the earphones because you need to be able to hear what’s around you while cycling. Whether it’s the sound of traffic or your friends calling out, in-ear earphones can be more of a nuisance than a pleasure. Special headphones with ear buds that sit outside of the ear are ideal for allowing you to enjoy your musical collection without sacrificing the ambient sound.

A GPS computer is another fantastic gadget that can do a variety of things depending on the model you get. The best models will record the routes you cycle along and allow you to share them with friends, while even the most basic of models have calorie and distance counters.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of your phone. While being able to call your friends if you get lost is obviously tremendously useful, the apps tailored towards cyclists and mountain bikers mean that if you have a smartphone it becomes a lot more than a way to get in touch with a lost friend.