Everyone has calluses. It is a hard layer of skin that ensures that your body is less likely to be damaged, but calluses can sometimes proliferate. Then it will just hurt or disfigure your feet. Curious about how excess calluses arise? And how to remove excess calluses? We will tell you!

What is callus?

Calluses are a local thickening of the top layer of your skin. For example, you normally have a thin layer of callus on the soles of your feet and your heels, which looks yellowish and feels hard. In addition to your feet, you can also develop calluses on your palms and fingers, especially if you work a lot with your hands. Such a natural layer of callus is very normal and has a protective effect. So do not remove this callus layer, otherwise you can get sore spots.

What are the symptoms of excess callus?

The amount of callus can build up under the heel or ball of your foot. This can cause pain or a burning sensation. Calluses can also develop as a result. Calluses are deep grooves that mainly form around the heel. If a callus develops on a small area of ​​the skin, a callus can develop. We also call this a magpie eye or corn. Do you think you have a corn and want to know what to do about it? Read our article about corns .