What is callus?


A callus is a painful piece of thick callus that has grown on the joint of an inwardly turned big toe. That deformity of your toe is called ‘hallux valgus’. Because your big toe has grown towards your smaller toes, the joint protrudes. So all your weight rests on that. Callus is growing to resist this pressure. The pressure on the joint and the calluses cause pain. Bunions on your joint are easy to treat.

What are the causes of excess callus?

The formation of excess callus can have various causes. We have listed a number of causes for you:

  • Many are standing. If you have to stand a lot for work, you run a higher risk of excess calluses.
  • Being overweight. Are you overweight ? Then your feet have a harder time. There is more pressure on it, which increases the risk of callus formation.
  • Old age. As you get older, you often suffer from drier skin. With dry skin , the risk of excess callus is again greater.
  • Incorrectly fitting shoes. Pressure and friction from improperly fitting shoes can cause calluses. Wearing insoles that are too narrow is also not recommended, as is often wearing shoes without socks. Wearing socks that are too small can also be a cause of excess calluses.

Wrong position of your feet. It is also possible that the position of your feet is unnatural, so that in certain places more pressure is applied than usual. If calluses are the result of the wrong position of your feet, it is important to see if something can be done about it, such as wearing suitable shoes. 

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