The Vanella Group, Inc. Receives “AI 2015 Business Excellence Award” for Best Telemarketing Services

Strategic Sales Development for Enterprise Technology Companies for 15 years

The Vanella Group, Inc. announced today receiving the prestigious AI 2015 Business Excellence Award. The Acquisition International annual award showcases firms whose ceaseless dedication to innovation, customer care, and continued growth and improvement is evident by customer feedback, industry reputation, and leadership in their category. Acquisition International seek out firms that continually forge ahead of their competitors and raise the bar for performance and results in their industry.

“It is a tremendous honor to receive this award and be in the company of so many global business leaders,” says The Vanella Group, Inc. CEO, Mari Anne Vanella. She adds, “We have worked very hard to stay current in a fast-changing environment and to innovate our solutions to align with what best helps our clients grow revenue effectively.”

The Vanella Group, Inc. has received numerous awards and industry recognition for their unique approach to sales development. The deep understanding of buying trends is fully integrated into their tele-based sales development and lead generation solutions. In addition, services related to prospect relationship management and maintaining presence in long sales cycles are key areas of expertise.

About The Vanella Group, Inc.

The Vanella Group, Inc. is the only provider of High-Touch/High-Quality Telesales-based Lead Generation Solutions for Enterprise Technology companies that overachieves traditional lead gen programs 5x above industry standards. Now in their 15th year, they have delivered opportunity-based programs for companies such as HP, Hitachi, SAP, and many other enterprise technology providers. Their programs are uniquely designed to be performance-oriented using a peer-to-peer engagement model. For more information, visit

Mosca Tandem Corrugated Bundle Squaring/Strapping System Raises the Bar

Hazle Township, PA (PRWEB) June 12, 2015

EAM-Mosca is pleased to introduce the Mosca TRC6-SQ3A-Tandem high-speed corrugated bundle squaring/strapping system. As with prior systems, the new Tandem features a standard arrangement of a four-foot entry conveyor, a first-stage Mosca SQ3-A squaring corrugated bundler, a second four-foot pacing conveyor and then a second-stage SQ3-A. The Tandem configuration can dramatically increase bundle conditioning and strapping speeds when used together, or eliminate bottlenecks by providing backup for one another.

Mosca asserts that this system will advance the impressive reliability levels of its prior Tandem system, which has contributed to the companys customers reaching new production targets on their high speed conversion lines. The conveyors provide a pacing function to enhance throughput of the system. The SQ3-A squaring bundlers, which are available with conventional heat seal or Moscas proprietary Sonixs ultra-sonic sealer, are outfitted with Moscas latest Standard 6 Strap-Path technology. This generation of product offers increased precision in the manufacture and assembly of the strap feeding system to reduce operational faults, boosting overall cycle success and system productivity.

In addition, the open sealer design and sealed bearing construction reduce susceptibility to operational particulate buildup, extending cleaning/servicing intervals and further improving uptime results.

The individual SQ3-A squaring bundlers feature automatic setup based on bundle dimensions that may be operator entered at the HMI or through hard-wired, serial or Ethernet based network communication. Aligning the bundler with bundle centers is the only setup function not automated. Installing a commercial centering conveyor upstream removes this task from the setup protocol. With the ability to square bundles from 8 wide x 11 long to 56wide x 40 long, the system can handle the product range produced by most box plants.

The standard tandem system includes a 30 long by 4 wide conveyor that can be switched out for a bundler for servicing. In this case, single-stage automatic bundling is the standard operating mode. Optional floor mounted caster guides assure easy insertion and removal of the banders, while maintaining precise in-line positioning during operation.

Tandem controls offer two basic operating arrangements. The high-speed tandem selection straps incoming bundles alternately with the two banders, for a maximum throughput of 36 bundles per minute. There is also a primary/secondary selection which uses a single bander to strap all product, holding the second in readiness to automatically assume this role in the event of a fault. The high-speed Tandem will also automatically switch to a single active strapper should a fault occur for any reason.

Popular options include dual coil dispenser, dual dispenser with automatic coil changer and signal light towers to indicate operational readiness and low strap conditions to further increase uptime.

The Mosca SQ3-A-Tandem builds on the impressive success of its predecessor SQ2-A Model to further advance reliability and reduce operating costs, while helping users to improve the productivity of their high speed Flexo investments. Its high performance combined with intuitive operation and conceptual simplicity make it the best bundling system choice for plants that are committed to leadership in high speed/low cost box production.

EAM-Mosca Corporation provides high-performance strapping system solutions to a variety of industries, including food, graphic arts, mailing, fulfillment, logistics, corrugated, wood, and other industrial or consumer goods. We combine innovative equipment with strapping materials manufactured to maximize machine performance and customer support programs that help our customers to meet their performance and productivity goals.

To learn more about any of EAM-Moscas other productivity enhancing strapping systems, please call us at 800-456-3420, or email us at info(at)eammosca(dot)com. You can also connect with EAM-Mosca on YouTube (, Twitter (, and Facebook and LinkedIn via the companys website,

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Dr. Lester Sawicki Recommends New Book “Intended Evolution: How Selection of Intelligence Guides Life Forward” to Tai Chi, Qigong, and Health and Fitness Enthusiasts

Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 09, 2015

Dr. Lester Sawicki, an Austin, Texas dentist and tai chi teacher, was not too surprised when in the year 2010 he published his book, “Teeth In Mortal Combat: How To Unleash Your Basic Instinct For Survival”, to find that the martial arts world was less than enthusiastic in reading it or signing up for his unique dental tai chi teeth training program.

Today, Sawicki is seeing stiff attitudes of the past starting to bend with the recent arrival of a breakthrough new theory of evolution – intended evolution – by Dr. Dongxun Zhang L.Ac. PhD. DAOM Diplomate in Oriental Medicine [NCCAOM] Tai Chi Qigong Master. Although intended evolution is far from teeth-shattering proven, it has enough bite to turn heads and restore interest in Sawicki’s unconventional dental martial arts tai chi qi gong health and fitness program.

Dr. Sawicki expects to see the internal energy martial arts community start centering itself behind Zhang’s intended evolution theory. Their understanding of and experience with chi energy will welcome a theory of evolution that suggests selection of intelligence guides life forward. The theory lends strong support for the usefulness of tapping into basic instincts for survival of the species, an idea that is in line with all the internal chi energy martial arts.

From Sawicki’s personal teaching experience, reading the book can help students slowly warm up to his unique and daring dental internal martial arts system which involves imagining oneself, during practice, in mortal combat where man’s most basic drives for continuing to exist cry out.

Dongxun Zhang’s new theory of the process of evolution is, in some niche taichi circles, being acclaimed as the “tao of intended evolution.” The theory was recently put forward in the book, “Intended Evolution: How Selection of Intelligence Guides Life Forward”, by Dongxun and Bob Zhang, and suggests that “life is not only selected by nature but intentionally interacts with it, learning how to better its future.” The authors explain that applying this idea to generally accepted principles of biology, evolution, and other diverse fields of knowledge can have “startling results in your ability to affect your own health – and even your evolution.”

Dr. Sawicki maintains that vague references to an idea of a theory of intended evolution had always been cleverly hidden deep within the pages of ancient texts such as the Tao Te Ching, Tai Chi Classics, and other works of Indian and Greek philosophy but never before, until now by Dr. Zhang, has a simple decoded framework of its processes been manifested, distilled, and updated using current scientific principles that are stated as simply as possible into an easy to read and understand book.

Sawicki believes that everyone can greatly benefit their health and fitness by reading Intended Evolution and applying its principles into their daily workout routine. Dongxun teaches how to exercise the theory in his Intended Evolution Fitness class.

Dr. Sawicki now requires all his students read “Intended Evolution” so that they can learn how “internal intelligence” fits into the “information cycle” and of the critical role that the DNA “knowledge library” has in the process of evolution. He hopes that by reading the book they can recognize the significance of getting in touch with their own internal “tai chi library” to advance their skills in taichi and qi gong.

“Intended Evolution” is a fascinating book that brings an updated perspective to Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection. It presents a basic framework describing the “why” of evolution. One of its more interesting chapters discusses the idea of an organism’s “internal intelligence” and how a person can program it to enhance their health, fitness, tai chi, qigong, and even one’s own evolution. Dr. Sawicki hopes everyone will take a long studied look into this significant work on Dr. Dongxun Zhang’s new theory of the processes of evolution that could change everything in the way to not only survive, but also thrive.

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Episcopal Relief & Development Partners with Texas Dioceses on Flood Response

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 04, 2015

Episcopal Relief & Development is partnering with the Episcopal dioceses of Texas and West Texas in response to severe flooding caused by weeks of heavy rain across the region. Church teams in both dioceses are providing pastoral care and conducting needs assessments in areas where people lost homes and belongings to the floods, and church facilities are acting as ministry bases for outreach efforts. Episcopal Relief & Development support will assist affected households with gas, groceries and repair supplies, as well as storage for salvaged belongings and temporary housing for evacuees.

The dioceses of Texas and West Texas were able to convene teams quickly to identify community needs and see how churches can be of unique help, said Abagail Nelson, Episcopal Relief & Developments Senior Vice President for Programs. Right now, response planning is focused on low-income households that are uninsured or underinsured, as well as people with disabilities who might need extra assistance as they recover from the storm. Church networks help ensure that vulnerable neighbors are included and cared for.

The extensive flooding began and worsened over May 24-26, with some areas receiving up to 20 inches of rain. In Texas, 27 people died as a result of the storm, and 10 people were still reported to be missing as of May 31. Thousands of homes were destroyed or damaged, and roads and bridges have been washed out.

One of the most heavily impacted areas was along the Blanco river, which runs through the towns of Wimberley and San Marcos, about halfway between San Antonio and Austin in the Diocese of West Texas. St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Wimberley and St. Marks in San Marcos have mobilized Flood Response Committees to conduct needs assessments and distribute gift cards for gas, food and emergency supplies.

Wimberley is the town where eight people went missing after the river-front vacation home they were staying in was swept away. Five were members of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Corpus Christi.

In Houston, The Ven. Russ Oechsel, archdeacon for the Diocese of Texas, led the dioceses Spiritual and Emotional Care team through the streets of the Meyerland neighborhood, where there was significant damage to homes. The group of trained lay and ordained volunteers distributed cold water and gift cards for repair supplies, and listened to residents storm experiences. They also offered information about how to connect to local and national disaster recovery resources and services.

Oechsel is also Texas Diocesan Disaster Coordinator and a member of Episcopal Relief & Developments Partners in Response team, which accompanies churches in disaster-impacted communities as they discern their role in the recovery process. Oechsel and fellow Partners in Response member Deacon Elaine Clements, from the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana, are assisting the dioceses of Texas and West Texas at this time.

We are still very early in the disaster cycle, where folks are ripping out carpet and drywall or just trying to figure out what to do depending if they own or rent their home, whether they had insurance or not, if they have somewhere close-by where they can stay while they sort things out, Oechsel said. Getting out into the neighborhood to provide pastoral care and gift cards for food and supplies also helps churches connect with people who may need help toward long-term recovery. We will start to know in the coming weeks where those longer-term needs are and how we can help.

Elsewhere in the region, the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma is responding to two waves of severe storms on May 6 and May 10 that brought tornadoes and flooding to the area. In Texas, St. Lukes Episcopal Church in Lindale (Diocese of Texas) is assisting in Van, 10 miles west, where a tornado and subsequent flood on May 10 destroyed a significant number of homes; Episcopal Relief & Development is working with the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas to develop a response plan. The organization has also been in contact with the Episcopal dioceses of Arkansas and Louisiana following the storms.

For more information about Episcopal Relief & Developments US Disaster Program, visit the organizations website.

To enable Episcopal Relief & Development to respond to disasters in the United States, please donate to the US Disaster Response Fund.

Episcopal Relief & Development works with more than 3 million people in nearly 40 countries worldwide to overcome poverty, hunger and disease through multi-sector programs that utilize local resources and expertise. An independent 501(c)(3) organization, Episcopal Relief & Development works closely with Anglican Communion and ecumenical partners to help communities rebuild after disasters and develop long-term strategies to create a thriving future. In 2014-15, the organization joins Episcopalians and friends in celebrating 75 Years of Healing a Hurting World.

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Jared Smith Joins MAP Health Management, LLC, as Vice President of Marketing

(PRWEB) June 02, 2015

MAP Health Management, LLC, a provider of outcome data, aftercare programs and revenue cycle management for addiction treatment facilities, announced today that Jared Smith has joined the company as Vice President of Marketing. Mr. Smith will be responsible for developing and implementing a marketing strategy to increase the awareness and visibility of MAPs core message, products and initiatives.

Prior to joining MAP, Mr. Smith was the Marketing Manager at Cottonwood Financial in Irving, Texas, where he was responsible for developing and executing a marketing strategy to drive incremental revenue growth. Prior to that position, he was a Senior Marketing Planner with Pier 1 Imports and a Marketing & Performance Assurance Analyst with Verizon.

Jared will be a tremendous asset to our team with his experience in planning and directing marketing strategy across multiple industries and product lines, said Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management, LLC. We are looking forward to developing innovative and creative ways to build greater brand awareness for our expanding company.

It is an honor to join a company with such an amazing mission of making a positive impact on peoples lives by improving treatment outcomes. I am looking forward to doing everything I can to expand MAPs influence in the field of chemical dependency, said Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith received bachelors degrees in both Marketing and Management from Texas Tech University.

About MAP Health Management, LLC

MAP Health Management, LLC is the industry leader in providing comprehensive outcome data, aftercare programs and revenue cycle management to addiction treatment providers across the country. Nationally recognized treatment facilities trust MAP to help them navigate and thrive in the new healthcare paradigm. Since 2011, MAPs dedicated team of research analysts, recovery specialists, technology professionals and billing experts have worked to improve patient outcomes, empower treatment providers with data, reduce costs and drive facility revenue.

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BlueEHS, the Electronic Health Solution, now available on Amazon AWS Market place

McLean, VA (PRWEB) May 28, 2015

ZH Healthcare (ZH), a leading provider of Health IT solutions, announced today that it is releasing BlueEHS, the Electronic Health Solution, on the Amazon AWS platform as an Amazon Machine Image for the benefit of all AWS users worldwide.

ZH Healthcare is the developer of BlueEHS, a first of its kind, Freemium, SaaS, Electronic Health Solution (EHS). BlueEHS offers a customizable Electronic Health Records (EHR) with an integrated practice management system (PMS), e-Rx, lab interfaces, a telemedicine-enabled comprehensive patient portal, and more. Combined with its Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services and its EMR consultancy services, ZH Healthcare delivers a truly holistic solution that addresses the complex needs of medical providers around the world.

BlueEHS, and its earlier iteration ZH-OpenEMR, have been available via Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. BlueEHS is popular among Medical providers and Health IT companies due to its flexibility and customizability that delivers unique EHR solutions to unique practices and specialties. It has over 5000 users in 58 countries.

Demand arose from various customer segments for the need to have their EHR stored in private clouds were the customer had full control of the data and the platform. “Medical data is highly sensitive and valuable. Our customers can be research organizations, tech startups or even governments, some of whom demand that patient data be placed in their environment. Some are concerned about security, others want to integrate their own applications, devices and processes” stated Shameem C Hameed, Founder, Chairman and CEO of ZH Healthcare. With the ubiquitous presence of Amazon’s AWS releasing an AMI on the Amazon Marketplace will help ZH extend its BlueEHS solution to parties who are particular about the location and security of their patient and medical data.

BlueEHS is available on Amazon AWS Marketplace . Interested parties may also visit to sign up for BlueEHS SaaS version.

About ZH Healthcare

ZH Healthcare (ZH) is the foremost developer of the most popular open source EMR solution, OpenEMR, which serves more than 300,000 medical providers and up to 600 million patients across the globe.

Current EHR systems are inflexible and are developed to meet the requirements of legal mandates. In response to the market imperative for a more customizable, functional and cost-effective product, ZH designed BlueEHS, the first of its kind Electronic Health Solution (EHS). BlueEHS is an innovative and proprietary, Freemium, SaaS, customizable EHR which has integrated practice management system, e-prescriptions, laboratory interfaces, plus a telemedicine-enabled comprehensive patient portal. Combined with its Revenue Cycle Management services and its EMR consultancy services ZH provides a truly holistic solution that addresses the complex needs of medical providers around the world. – See more at:

Gear up for Bikes: Science on Two Wheels at the Science Museum of Virginia

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) May 20, 2015

Uncover a diverse collection of historic, rare and peculiar bikes as the Science Museum of Virginia opens Bikes: Science on Two Wheels on Saturday, May 30.

Get into gear with hands-on exhibits as you explore energy, force and motion, aerodynamics and engineering. Put on the brakes to take a closer look at the materials that make a bike from rubber and alloy to foam and plastic. Learn about the latest technologies and test your knowledge of the bikes that have helped shape our culture and society.

What better way to prepare for the Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships than to explore the technologies that make this sport possible? said Richard Conti, Chief Wonder Officer, Science Museum of Virginia. Bikes: Science on Two Wheels showcases the evolution of bicycle design from giant turn of the century tricycles to state of the art, aerodynamic racing machines.

Guests peruse a unique collection of customized bikes including collapsible, recumbent and tandem models and marvel at a custom kinetic bike sculpture by artist Tom Chenoweth. Alongside the gallery experience, the Museum will display photographs of 120 years of Richmond cyclers and showcase cycling finish line sketches by artist Greig Leach.

This summer the Museum will also put a new spin on Science After Dark, evening events on the 3rd Friday of each month that feature live astronomy in The Dome, special activities and classic movie screenings.

Science After Dark: Bike Editions

Friday, June 19: Get a free bike helmet and fitting, learn about bike safety and journey through the cosmos before enjoying a special presentation of Pee-wees Big Adventure in The Dome.

Friday, July 17: Pedal toward an evening of science and enjoy valet bike parking! Take a live Cosmic Expedition through the stars and gear up for a showing of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in The Dome.

Friday, August 21: Explore the night sky and learn about bike safety. Pedal through the galaxy with and grab onto your handlebars as we take you to see The Wizard of Oz in The Dome.

Bikes: Science on Two Wheels is included with Museum admission. Tickets are $ 11 with $ 1 discounts for ages 4-12 and 60+. Science After Dark tickets are $ 5. Visit or call 804.864.1400 for details.

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Parks & Sons Achieves 80% Reduction in Payment Processing Time by Moving Receivables to the Cloud

Omaha, Neb. (PRWEB) May 19, 2015

Financial Transmission Network Inc. (FTNI), a leading provider of integrated payment processing solutions, and Parks & Sons of Sun City, an established waste management firm celebrating 50 years serving Sun City, AZ, and the greater Phoenix valley, today announced the successful implementation of ETran, FTNIs integrated receivables processing solution.

In business for over 50 years, Parks & Sons serves more than 120,000 customers and averages 2,000 remittances a day. FTNIs enhanced remote deposit capture (RDC) module provides the company unprecedented speed, flexibility and reliability in its check and remittance processing efforts. As part of FTNIs ETran integrated receivables hub, the ETran RDC module delivers the ability to scan checks and remittance advices while seamlessly associating and storing all account and payment information in a PCI-compliant, secure, central location.

In the past couple years weve worked on getting back to the basics, focusing on profitable efficiencies and preparing ourselves for another growth trend were entering, said Shawn Parks, Business Manager at Parks & Sons. A great example is our payment processing time. During our busiest invoicing cycles, ETrans full automation reduced our payment processing time by 80% and significantly streamlined our auditing processes.

Parks & Sons receivables clerks work with three separate items coupons, checks and envelopes for each remittance received. Previously, in addition to manually scanning and entering data associated with each coupon and payment, clerks also had to manually export batch files for input into the companys back office AR system. With ETran now in place, the entire process is automated. Upon each coupon and check being scanned, data is automatically entered and associated with the appropriate customer account within the system. Time consuming, error-prone, manual data entry related to items such as change of address information, is now captured during the scanning process and posting files are automatically generated and uploaded into the companys back office accounting system, facilitating true straight through processing and further streamlining legacy processes.

ETran transformed our receivables processes and brought efficiencies to us we never expected. We no longer do any front-end auditing of our mailed in payments, commented Parks. Before, we had to audit 100% of our payments to find maybe 5% with changes or problems. Now we audit 0% on the front end and let ETrans automation flag any issues. Due to that automation, we only need to audit that 5% with issues. The decrease in our time to process has been phenomenal.

ETran also helped enrich the customer service experience at Parks & Sons. Accelerating payment processing timeframes significantly reduced inbound customer inquiries to the companys call center related to payment status questions, saving time and money while allowing customer service staff to focus on more time-sensitive customer needs. For calls that do still involve payment questions, the companys service staff now has a user-friendly, single interface to view all pending and processed payments in real-time, enabling them to quickly provide accurate information while answering customer questions or researching issues.

From using enhanced RDC capabilities to significantly reduce the turnaround time to process check and remittance information, to leveraging a direct integration with their back office accounting system to enable straight through processing, Parks & Sons is a great example of the benefits companies can realize by moving their receivables to the cloud, said Kurt Matis, president and CEO, FTNI. Were proud that Parks & Sons chose FTNI as a key partner in their decision to move their receivables processes and technology to the cloud and look forward to continuing to grow this successful relationship.

Working in the cloud with applications like ETran, we can go wherever we need to and were always ready to go, said Shawn Parks, Business Manager at Parks & Sons. Selecting FTNI as a strategic partner to get receivables into the cloud was an easy decision once we saw the value ETran could bring our company.

FTNI at Waste Expo 2015

FTNI will be onsite exhibiting at Waste Expo 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 2-4 in Las Vegas, NV. Visit FTNI in booth 4220 to learn more about this and other successful implementations of the ETran integrated receivables hub. To request an onsite meeting at the event, please email SimplifyAR(at)ftni(dot)com.


About Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc. (Parks & Sons)

Family-owned and locally-operated, Parks & Sons of Sun City, Ariz. was founded in 1964 by Ray Parks. The company provides residential, commercial and industrial refuse collection services to residents and businesses throughout the West Valley. In 1991, Parks & Sons, working with other organizations, started curbside recycling to divert paper (i.e. newspapers, junk mail, magazines and phonebooks) from the landfill. In 2009, Parks & Sons expanded recycling and implemented a state-of-the art, single-stream recycling program for commercial and residential customers. Paper, plastics, glass, aluminum/tin, and cardboard are all collected and reproduced into consumer goods. Parks & Sons leadership in the industry developed programs with great success that continues today. Visit for more information.

About FTNI

Financial Transmission Network, Inc. (FTNI) accelerates the way businesses accept, process, post and manage payments. Processing millions of transactions monthly, FTNIs integrated receivables processing solution, ETran, accepts any payment method, via any payment channelon a single, secure, cloud-based platform. FTNIs ETran Mobile application is built upon the core ETran platform and is available on both Android and iOS, and can be delivered as either a fully-hosted, stand-along application or via SDKs for integration into existing mobile applications. Founded in 2007, FTNI serves more than 16,000 corporate users from leading organizations such as the American Red Cross, DirectBuy, Five Star Senior Living, Golden Living, Mutual of Omaha, Penn Mutual, Physicians Mutual Insurance, Proxibid, RealPage, Shamrock Foods, The McClatchy Company and many more. For more information, visit

9 Safe Cycling Tips for National Bike Month (May)

(PRWEB) May 14, 2015

May is National Bike Month, and while the country encourages cyclists – novices and experts alike – to hit the trail, SABRE wants to bring safety into the conversation. Here are nine quick tips to follow and share with others to stay safe while cycling:

1. Be visible

Wear bright clothes so that drivers can see you – anything neon is great during the daytime. Its best to avoid biking at night, but if you do go for a ride after dark, be sure to wear reflective gear. When turning, be sure to signal to drivers and make eye contact when possible. Bike in a straight, predictable line so that you dont take any drivers by surprise.

2. Hydrate

If youre going for a long ride or its really hot out, you run the risk of dehydration. Drinks with sodium will help you retain water, so keep this in mind when you go for a ride longer than an hour or so or for a ride in extreme heat. Keep a water bottle with you at all times.

3. Check your bike

Before you head out, check your tire pressure and breaks to make sure everythings in order. This way theres less of a chance of some sort of malfunction that could jeopardize your safety.

4. Bring a personal safety tool

Its important to have a self-defense tool on hand in case you meet anyone that wants to do you harm. SABREs Cyclist Pepper Spray with Adjustable Bike Strap is a great option for adults, while the Personal Alarm with Key Ring can help children signal to others that theres an emergency.

5. Prevent theft

Invest in a high-quality U-lock, and secure your bike by the frame and wheel. Try to lock your bike in a well-lit, high-traffic area. Record your bikes serial number and register it with your local police department, if possible, so that you can better recover it in the event of theft.

6. Wear a helmet

Helmets can reduce the risk of head injury by up to 85%. Find out how to fit your helmet.

7. Control your bike

Its important to keep at least one hand on your handlebars. Be sure to give this message to kids and teens, who might be experimenting with riding with no hands. Carrying any items with you on your ride? Put them in a backpack or bike carrier; dont try to carry in your hands.

8. Be on the lookout

You might have heard to ride as far to the right as possible, but keep in mind that the doors of parked cars can be opened at any minute. Cyclists running into parked car doors is more common than youd think, so drive a car doors length from parked cars if possible. Also be on the lookout for moving cars, storm grates, potholes or anything else that might upset your balance.

9. Know your place

Adults should ride in the street and follow the same rules vehicles abide by – this means signal when you turn, stop at lights and obey all other traffic laws. Always ride with, not against, traffic. Children under 10 should ride on the sidewalk.

ABOUT SABRE Security Equipment Corporation

SABRE Security Equipment Corporation provides best-in-class personal safety, home security and law enforcement products to maximize consumers safety. The company strives to educate and empower customers with the knowledge and powerful products needed if and when someone is in danger. SABRE believes that everyone should be protected so that they can live a safe, healthy life with peace of mind.