Cycling Crash Compilation 2014. Worlds most DANGEROUS sport!

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On perhaps the last day of summer, both passes were closed to car traffic. Made for a great loop! See also the stabilized version (may be easier to ride along with):…

Activehours and TSheets partner to transform how employees are paid

Eagle, Idaho (PRWEB) March 12, 2015

Two employee-focused tech companies, Activehours and TSheets Time Tracking, are partnering to revolutionize the way employees are paid for good. With this partnership, employees using TSheets to track their time at work can seamlessly use Activehours to get immediate access to the earnings for their worked hours, without the wait for payday. A unique force for good in the financial services industry, Activehours works by utilizing vetted employee timesheets and allows its users to pay only what they think is fair for the service.

This is a revolutionary solution to a pressing issue affecting millions of workers in the US. Each year, as bills come due ahead of pay cycles or hourly workers are hit with financial emergencies, Americans spend over $ 32 billion on overdraft fees. These feeswhich represent a tremendous markup by banks and just one of many potential pitfalls consumers face when strapped for cashcost Americans more each year than they spend on fresh vegetables. By utilizing payments on-demand through TSheets and Activehours, hourly workers have flexible access to their earnings for when the unexpected happens, and can avoid incurring late fees on bills.

On-demand services are available for transportation, lodging and food. Why shouldn’t employee pay be part of that? This partnership between TSheets and Activehours is pushing traditional payment practices further than anyone has in decades, says John Spottiswood, SVP of Partnerships, Activehours.

Activehours and TSheets build security and accuracy into every step of the process. Available to any U.S. resident paid hourly and by direct deposit to their bank account, this integrated solution allows employees to unlock their paycheck on their own terms, backed by approved online timesheets. Activehours operates on a pay what you want platformso employees are able to tip based on what they think is fair for each transaction. TSheets starts at $ 20 per month plus an additional $ 5 per user.

TSheets believes in the power of employee happiness, and how it adds up to improve productivity and dedication on the job, says Matt Rissell, TSheets CEO. Activehours offers an ideal solution to financial stressors that can affect peoples focus and peace while on the job. By combining forces, we show how intuitive, employee-focused technology can be the source of major good in the work world.

Sign up for Activehours at Hourly workers may also download the Activehours app in both the iTunes Store and Google Play. A free 14-day trial of TSheets is available at


About TSheets

With TSheets, the days of punching a traditional time card are over. TSheets is the leading time tracking, reporting and management platform that allows hourly employees to clock in and out with ease – via computer, tablet, iPhone or Android app, or even a phone call, text or tweet. For employers and managers, TSheets ensures accountability and accuracy with GPS, overtime alerts and seamless integration with invoicing and payroll solutions. For more information on TSheets Time Tracking, please visit

About ActiveHours

Activehours is the new, faster way to get paid. Unlike the traditional two-week pay cycle, Activehours unlocks your pay by giving you the money you’ve already earned when you want it — any time, any day. With Activehours, you choose when to get paid for the hours you’ve already worked, finally giving you control over your finances. Founded in 2013, Activehours is driving consumer-empowered finance through mobile technology by breaking open more than $ 1 trillion held up in America’s pay cycle. For more information on Activehours or to download the app, please visit

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Windstar Cruises to D

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) July 09, 2014

Starting in 2015, all Windstar Cruises itineraries will feature a spectacular onshore Private Event, created exclusively for Windstar guests. These complimentary events are crafted to give guests an in-depth and authentic local experience that compliments their voyage. Private Events include activities such as an after-hours tour and dinner under the stars in the magnificent Celsus Library of Ephesus or a private ballet performance in the famed Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theatre.

We curated these Private Events with the local experience in mind. Our product managers toured the regions sampling cuisines, talking to locals, visiting the UNESCO sites to create the best experience possible, said Hans Birkholz, Windstar Cruises chief executive officer. Our guests gain an even deeper involvement into the local culture.

Windstar d

Collaborativ PLM Software for Apparel & Footwear Announced

Emmaus, PA (PRWEB) March 03, 2015

Apparel and footwear industry software experts Xperia Solutions have launched the new Collaborativ Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software suite to speed up the product development cycle, lower costs, improve communications, and enable customers to rapidly bring apparel and footwear products to market. The software, which is integrated with the companys Comprehensiv Enterprise System (ERP), is easy to learn and use.

Gaining every competitive advantage is critical for success in today’s highly competitive fashion industry, said Xperia Vice President of Sales and Marketing Alan Robezzoli. Yet many apparel and footwear PLM solutions fail to deliver the ease-of-use needed to collaborate effortlessly and efficiently with a companys internal development team and supply chain. Xperia’s Collaborativ PLM Suite delivers on all of this and more.

Software benefits include:

Adventure Life Announces Exclusive Cruise Offer

Missoula, MT (PRWEB) July 03, 2014

Europe is one of the most popular river cruise destinations offered by Adventure Life. Currently, when travelers book select cruises they will receive a free excursion package as an addition to the trip. This exclusive Adventure Life offer is available for select summer departures of the A Renowned Land of Plenty cruise through France as well as a Venice cruise. These excursion packages included all guided tours of local attractions, cities, and cultural sites. This allows the opportunity to explore and learn more about the destinations with a knowledgeable leader. After the excursions, travelers return to the comforts of their floating hotel.

We are pleased to offer these exclusive free packages, said general manager, Jonathan Brunger. The trip experience is greatly enhanced by these excursions that give travelers a more up-close, intimate view into a place and its people.

The current offers for these excursion packages are valued up to $ 341 per person. See the details of the Venice, the Lagoon, and the Po Delta cruise here: See the details of the A Renowned Land of Plenty cruise here:

To explore the world with Adventure Life, visit or call 800-344-6118.

About Adventure Life:

Adventure Life is a company of travelers with a passion for sharing the world with others. Our travel experience runs deep, from years volunteering in rural Africa and Central America, to research trips in Asia, studying in Europe, guiding in the Rockies, and just bouncing around every corner of the world. This deep experience is the reason behind our pioneering approach to travel and award winning itineraries. For nearly fifteen years, we have been creating personal itineraries that immerse our travelers in the vibrant colors of a place, leaving both our guests and hosts enriched by the experience. From our beginnings as a Latin America specialist, we now offer private journeys, small group tours, and expedition voyages throughout the world. We pride ourselves on our intimate knowledge of our destinations and our dedication to sharing the world.

Media Contact:

Sublime Public Relations

Steve Snyders